Asthenia in children is neurosis due to nervous exhaustion or weakened immunity. The syndrome is expressed in general weakness, increased fatigue, inability to concentrate on certain tasks, poor memory. Physical symptoms include headaches and muscle pain, dizziness, poor sleep and appetite. Children with asthenia are more likely to get sick and learn worse.
Causes of asthenia
One of the common causes is nervous overwork. The child is under too much stress at school and in extracurricular circles and sections, perhaps going to the tutor. It is important to understand that the child does not have the same stamina as an adult. He must have time to relax, walk in the fresh air, the opportunity to do what he loves and games. If your child is not able to cope with the load, you should give up some of the additional classes.
Also contributes to the development of asthenia is the wrong sleep regimen. The child not only does not get enough sleep, but the sleep itself can be intermittent and restless. Therefore, it is important to work out a certain time of going to sleep, as well as early rise. The room before going to bed is sure to ventilate, and evening walks are not excluded. By the way, lack of oxygen also provokes asthenic syndrome.
The disease may be a consequence of viral or neurological diseases, endocrine system, taking certain medications, the impact of severe stress. In other words, various factors that disrupt the endocrine system can trigger the disease.
A psychologist, neurologist and therapist can detect the asthenic condition. They will also help to eliminate other diseases with similar symptoms, such as chronic fatigue syndrome.
Treatment of childhood asthenia
There is no specific algorithm for treating asthenia. A lot depends on the cause that triggered the syndrome. In some cases, it is enough to establish a regime of the day, allocate more time to rest and drink vitamins.
In other cases, a whole course of treatment is required, such as taking drugs such as viagra in Ireland. In any case, you can not self-medicate. If asthenia is a consequence of a chronic disease, then the first thing you need to treat it. In addition, vitamins and immunostimulating drugs are prescribed.
To eliminate asthma in the future, it is important to closely monitor the child's activities, give optimal physical and mental loads according to age. There should be more fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet. And, of course, the very attention of parents. It is necessary to communicate more with the child, to be interested in his successes and experiences.

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